Vagesty University multiple courses catering to all age groups in their various levels of women's health ranging from ages 8-60. With a plethora of useful resources provided throughout each course, each student has the availability to schedule a consultation with the Instructor, a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner.

Vagesty University is an entity of Vagesty - a feminine hygiene one-stop shop for women's health aiming to promote holistic vaginal healing and self improvement through positive and versatile approaches while encouraging love, self-care and immunity. This includes a variety of feminine hygiene and menstrual products, a safe haven to be educated more on women's health and the opportunity to be guided by an expert in maintaining stellar vaginal health.

The mission that Vagesty has set forth is to: show the importance of caring for your vagina. We aim to guide individuals along their own healing journey in hopes to help ignite their vaginal health approaches through education, advocacy and service.

"Vagesty was derived from the word [majesty] as in your vagina is ROYAL and you must treat it as such!"

- Annterria Bruce, ADN, BSN, MSN, WHNP-BC

Women's Health Course

This enlightening course provides you with applicable information highlighting woman wellness, how to develop a vaginal care routine and products that Vagesty recommends! You do not have to remain in the dark on how to achieve positive health outcomes.

Pregnancy Course

An informative course outlining prenatal care, labor & delivery, newborn care and postpartum stages throughout a woman's pregnancy journey. This curriculum is also helpful for males proactive in assisting the women in their lives.

My First Menses Course

For our young ladies that have not yet experience their first menstrual cycle, this course is essential for educating her in all areas. This course provides information on what is your menstrual cycle, PMS & period cramps and which period products should be used moving forward.

Hi, I’m Annterria Bruce!

She is the Founder and CEO of Vagesty - a Women's Nurse Practitioner who is a catalyst for healthy vaginas seeking to serve and inspire. Utilizing her past experiences as a foundation for empowerment, Annterria is an advocate for natural, eco-friendly feminine hygiene and menstrual products aiming to improve all stages of women's health. With a passion for teenagers and women, she galvanizes the best techniques in order to embody self-importance and improvement.

Not only does she have a one-stop shop for all women to purchase feminine hygiene products but now offers courses through Vagesty University in order to spread awareness of the best women's health methods. Offered on Amazon & Walmart, Annterria is here to help you all take power of your vaginal health as she is the Punani Practitioner.